Advanced Study Institute 2011
Prediction and Recognition of Piracy Efforts
Using Collaborative Human-Centric Information Systems

Salamanca, Spain (19-30 September, 2011)

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Day 1

Bossé E.: Introduction
Llinas J.: Introduction
Cuesta L.: A Scourge of the Past, Still in Force
Bossé E.: Prediction and Recognition of Piracy Efforts Using Collaborative Human-Centric Information Systems
Llinas J.: Designing Information Fusion Processes to Exploit Human, Contextual, and Sensor Surveillance Data for Decision Support

Day 2

Gasparyan K., Galstyan A.: Connection of Piracy and Export and Import Control
St. Hilaire M.O.: Determining the Consistency of Information Between Multiple Subsystems used in Maritime Domain Awareness
Valin P.: Higher-Level Information Fusion for Situation Assessment
Smirnov A.: Ubiquitous Computing in Emergency: Profile-Based Situation Response based on Self-Organizing Resource Network
Guitouni A.: High-level Closed-loop Fusion and Decision Making with INFORM lab

Day 3

Snidaro L.: Exploiting quality and context for heterogeneous multi-sensor fusion
Visentini I.: Improving situation awareness by exploiting multiple visual cues for target tracking
Nimier V.: Cotation and contextual information in fusion techniques and general consideration in data fusion
Bedworth M.: Do Humans Make Good Observers and Can They Reliably Fuse Information?
Steinberg A.: Adaptive, Opportunistic Context Exploitation for Threat Assessment

Day 4

Pogossian E.: Effectiveness Enhancing Knowledge Based Strategies for the SSRGT Class of Defense Problems
Guitouni A.: High-level Closed-loop Fusion and Decision Making with INFORM lab
Mucedola A.: Challenges on Human perception and understanding on maritime situational awareness during Maritime Security Operation
Shmilovici Leib A.:Resource Allocation with Fuzzy Logic (2 hrs)
Essendorfer B. (Absent Contribution): System architecture supporting detection of threats in asymmetric warfare

Day 5

** Pavon J.: Systems of Systems Engineering for Security Systems
** Molina Lopez J.M.: Autonomous Active-Camera Control Architecture Based on Multi-Agent Systems for Surveillance Scenarios
** Luis Bustamante A.: Active-Camera Control with Multi-Agent Systems, Matrox Demo
** De Divitiis V.: Maritime Terrorism

Day 6

Gómez-Romero J., Serrano Mateos A.: A Practical Approach to the Development of Ontology-based Intelligent Systems
Shahbazian E.: Building Technology Enabled Decision Support Applications

Day 7

Vanek O.: Computational Modeling of Piracy
Rogova G., Herrero J.: Representation and Exploitation of Context Knowledge in a Maritime Surveillance Scenario
** Losiewicz P.: TBD

Day 8

Biermann J.: Contributions to decision support for maritime situation awareness and threat detection
Cant D.: Problems and issues for Estabishing Maritime Security
** Bernabéu González C: Aracnocóptero: An Unmanned Aerial VTOL Multi-rotor for Remote Monitoring and Surveillance
Seco Martinez J.: Maritime Surveillance, Control and Monitoring Technologies
Dias P.S.: Networked vehicle systems for maritime applications
Sumser-Lupson K., Titahena J.: Economic cost of Piracy and Impact of Armed Guards on Ships

Day 9

Abdelkhalek O.: Multi-Objective Location-Allocation Planning of Heterogeneous Network
Dridi O.: Multi-Objective & Multi-Mode Assignment and Scheduling problem for the Large Volume Surveillance
Masri H., Krichen S.: Towards Efficient Information Exchange in Heterogeneous Networks
** Borrion H.: Intelligence Analysis for Crime Prevention and Disruption

Day 10

Glenn R.W.: Maritime Insurgency that Threatens the Sovereignty of International Waters as well as that of the National Territory
Gutierrez A., Corredera L.E.: Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Cyberattacks on a marine
Fernandez Lopez J. M.: SP CWIX Program in Spain

Day 11

Tapia D. I., Bajo J., Corchado J. M., García Ó., Alonso R.S., Montero R. Joint Presentation: Real-Time Locating System for Boarding Support and Rescue: A Case Study, Multi-Agent System for Controlling the Unloading of Illegal Traffic of Merchandise and People.

Study Group Discussions

Technology Applicability
Piracy Management Framework
Piracy Management (xmind)
Human (Social and Organisational)
Piracy Management-consolidated
Brainstorming Session


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