Advanced Study Institute 2011
Prediction and Recognition of Piracy Efforts
Using Collaborative Human-Centric Information Systems

Salamanca, Spain (19-30 September, 2011)


The members of the organizing committee previously organized a number of NATO Advanced Research Workshops (ARW) and ASIs, which discussed applications of decision support technologies to various security problems. A significant observation obtained during there meetings was that the domain experts (personnel from various organizations responsible for maritime security) have little understanding of the wide variety of technology solutions available, and how these solutions can enhance the performance of decision makers. Similarly, although technology experts have a general understanding of the requirements in various security systems, they do not have sufficient knowledge of operations including constraints and a variety of factors (policy, geopolitical, legal, personnel, training, etc). The proposed ASI will involve both technology and domain experts, who will improve their mutual awareness of the requirements, issues, policy as well as technology capable of helping to predict, recognize and deter maritime piracy through lectures, plenary sessions and brainstorming sessions in smaller interdisciplinary groups. At the time of application we have had firm commitment for attendance of a full slate of lecturers comprising many leading scientists and domain experts. We also have a well developed list of other participants (students) from many countries with backgrounds in a range of contributing disciplines. We expect that many of these participants will become cognizant of the pertinence of collaborative human-centric information support systems for a variety of security applications and will apply their scientific/engineering background to the development of this new technology in their respective countries as the result of this ASI. Proceedings of this NATO ASI will be published in the NATO ASI series, filling the need for a consolidated up to date publication on prediction and recognition of maritime piracy efforts using collaborative human-centric information systems.