Advanced Research Workshop 2008
Human Systems Integration to Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness
for Port/Harbour Security Systems
Opatija, Croatia (December 8-12)

Objectives > NATO ARW

The objective of this multidisciplinary workshop is to bring together experts in the domains of Harbour/Port Security and Human Factors, as well as Knowledge Management, Knowledge Exploitation and Decision Support Technologies from the NATO, NATO Partner and Mediterranean Dialogue Countries to discuss the problems of enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness in Harbours/Ports through application of Human-System Integration and advanced technologies.

The ARW is to increase the synergy between harbour security practice and research in the areas of cognitive engineering and advance information processing for providing training, and other products that support cognitive functions of decision-making, situation awareness, course-of-action analysis and selection, resource allocation and other information processing tasks.

The proposed workshop will include lectures by the domain experts as well as technology experts in all the related fields on theory and practice of on designing decision support systems for Harbour security and integration of human factors in such system definition, development and deployment. The workshop will also include break-out sessions, in which the smaller working groups of mixed expertise will hold brain storming on how to provide ability to coordinate multi-agency advanced decision support, knowledge exploitation, information fusion and knowledge management tools to significantly improve the capacity to predict and respond to Harbour emergency. The working group discussions will focus on specific Human Factors aspects integrating such tools, including:

Systems engineers are not always familiar with the issues of human-system integration. Systems engineering processes mostly emphasize hardware and software issues, leaving human systems issues scantily addressed. Human factors engineers/engineering psychologists and systems engineers also speak different technical languages. A process articulated in a common language is required to bridge this gap. In addition, an integrated design environment that supports this process must be available. Through the lectures and working group discussions the participants of this workshop will be able to become familiar with the approaches, methodology and also technical language used in various disciplines. These discussions will be put in the framework of maritime security and will be built upon the lessons learned during the previous ARW (ARW981703)