Advanced Research Workshop 2008
Human Systems Integration to Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness
for Port/Harbour Security Systems
Opatija, Croatia (December 8-12)

Instructions for lecturers > NATO ARW


The ARW program places requirements on the directors regarding the timeliness of the publication of a reference text based on the ARW. An agreement will be signed with IOS Press for the publication of the ARW text book in the sub-series, Information and Communication Security, series D. Your paper is a vital part of that book and the timeliness with which you provide us with a manuscript will directly impact the publication schedule.

NATO expects publication within six months of the end of the conference. Please arrive at the ARW in Croatia with a pre-print version of your paper in electronic format (maximum of 8 pages).

The manuscript should be delivered in camera-ready form prepared in accordance with the publisher Instructions to Authors. For more information on the preparation of your manuscript, see the publisher's instructions, or browse to the publisher's website:


Please time your presentations to last no more than 20 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for questions.

A laptop and a multimedia projector will be available as audio-visual aids in your presentation.

NATO has requested that we assemble a CD of all presentations within 2 weeks after the ARW for distribution to all participants as well as other NATO organizations.

We expect you to bring your presentation material in electronic format (MS Office or PDF files) on CD-ROM in order to prevent delays in preparing the CD as well as problems with presentation media.