Advanced Research Workshop 2005
Data Fusion Technologies for Harbour Protection
Tallinn, Estonia (June 27 - July 1)

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     The Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) on the topic of "Data Fusion Technologies for Harbour Protection" was requested by the NATO Council as one of 5 topics, which can be studied jointly by the Security through Science Programme and the Defence Investment Division.

The purpose of an Advanced Research Workshop is to contribute to the critical assessment of existing knowledge on new important topics, to identify directions for future research, and to promote close working relationships between scientists from different countries and with different professional experience.

A NATO ARW is a meeting of two to five days' duration, involving between 20 and 50 participants. A NATO ARW is not an international conference or symposium but rather a forum for advanced level, intensive discussions between qualified experts from different countries, and often from different research sectors.

In this ARW mostly NATO country participants and fewer selected Partner and Mediterranean Dialogue country participants have been invited.

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