Advanced Study Institute 2005
Network Security and Intrusion Detection
Nork, Yerevan, Armenia (October 1 - October 12)

Objectives > NATO ASI

The goal of the proposed ASI is to bring together lecturers of international standing to provide instruction on methods, techniques and applications to deal with the issues of Cyber Security. Participants (post graduate) from NATO, Partner and Mediterranean Dialogue countries will have an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas with internationally renowned scientists in the domain as well as students from other countries, developing awareness about methods, solutions and on-going research for Critical Infrastructure Protection, Intrusion Prevention and Threat Assessment globally.

This ASI will serve two main purposes: (1) to provide visibility to most advanced and up-to-date research performed in the world in the domain of cyber security; and (2) to facilitate contact between the specialists in advanced research centres of NATO and Partner countries with the vast intellectual resources of Armenia and the other former Soviet Republics.