Advanced Study Institute 2005
Network Security and Intrusion Detection
Nork, Yerevan, Armenia (October 1 - October 12)

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The priority research topic for the proposed ASI, Computer Terrorism Countermeasures includes discussion methods and approaches of another priority research topic, Information Security. Both of these priority topics are consistent with one of the priorities for our partner country, Armenia, namely Information Technologies.

An Advanced Study Institute (ASI) is a high-level teaching activity where a carefully defined subject is treated in depth by lecturers of international standing, and new advances in a subject, not taught elsewhere, are reported in tutorial form.

A NATO ASI is not intended to be an international conference or symposium, but rather a short course contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and the formation of international scientific contacts. The teaching in ASIs is aimed at scientists at the postdoctoral level with an appropriate scientific background who wish to learn of recent developments in their fields of science. ASIs have the specific role of contributing to the training, and the motivation, of young scientists in Partner countries.

ASIs should have a minimum duration of 10 working days in order to give adequate time for the development of a topic and allow for sufficient interaction between the scientists. The presentation of contributed papers at ASIs is normally limited to a maximum of one half day. If the programme includes poster sessions these should normally take place in the evening.

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