Advanced Research Workshop 2015
Meeting Security Challenges Through
Data Analytics and Decision Support
Aghveran, Armenia, 1-5 June, 2015

Program > NATO ARW

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Opening Session

Gayane Markarova, Armenia, Hide and Seek of Information Age

Breakout Session Introduction and Housekeeping

Elisa Shahbazian, Galina Rogova and Gevorg Margarov

Counter-Terrorism: Session 1

Galina Rogova, USA , Rogova, Galina, USA, Integration of Argumentation and Fusion of Soft-Hard Information for Threat Assessment
Eloi Bosse, Canada, Towards an Integration of Fusion of Information and Analytics Technologies (FIAT) to Improve Dependability and Security in Complex Systems
Allan Steinberg, USA, Model Uncertainty in Threat Assessment
Andrea Mucedola, Italy, Looking for a Better Future

Border and Port Security: Session 1

Samvel Muradyan, Armenia, Main Aspects of Border Crossing Control Security Provision
Joachim Biermann, Germany, A System for Advanced Maritime Domain Awareness and Decision Support for Improved Safety and Security of Maritime Operations in Arctic Border Areas
Dominique Cant, Belgium, Management of Security Information in Ensuring Port Security Sources
Ondrej Vanek, Czech Rep., ARETHUS – A Decision Support Platform for Port Security
Ondrej Vanek, Czech Rep., Modeling Maritime Contraband Trafficking Activities with the Agent-based Approach

Cyber-Defence: Session 1

Gurgen Khachatryan, Armenia, Efficient DFA Evaluation without Public-Key Cryptography
Sergiy Gnatyuk, Ukraine, Critical Aviation Information Systems Cybersecurity
Ján Genci, Slovakia, Are We Ready to Educate Security Professionals?
Hrachya Astsatryan, Armenia, Security Issues of the e-Infrastructure for Environmental Research

Counter-Terrorism: Session 2

Ashok Vaseashta, USA, Strategically Countering Unconventional Cyber-Warfare – Scenario of Cyber 9/11
Surik Khudaverdyan, Armenia, Selectively Sensitive Sensor to Determine the Explosives
Hrvoje Belani, Croatia, A Security Assessment Framework for e-Health: A Croatian Perspective
Davit Asatryan, Armenia, Protecting and Recovery of Tampered Image by Using Self-Embedding Procedures
Jolanta Rodzos, Poland, Terrorism as the Threat to Travel and Tourism Industry

Cyber-Defence: Session 2

Mher Markosyan, Armenia, Real-time Public-key Streaming Encryption
Yeghisabet Alaverdyan, Armenia, Efficiency of Generating Highly Nonlinear Boolean Permutations Designed over Quasigroups
**Urszula Romanczuk-Polubiec, Poland, New Directions in Cryptography: Hyperelliptic and Elliptic Curve Multivariate Cryptography
Elena Satimova, Kazakhstan, Organization of Training on the Educational Program "Information Security Systems"

Border and Port Security: Session 2

Robert Hakobyan, Armenia, The Identification of Human by Using Virtual 3D Imaging to Control the Border Crossing
Victor Cojocaru, Moldova, Device for Controlled Hypothermia on Fuzzy Logic Algorithms
Lyudmila Sidorenko, Moldova, Identification of Central Type Dominants of Persons with Aggressive Behavior to Increase the Society Security
Paskal Djiknavorian, Canada, Naval Ship Classification and Identification with Generalized Belief Functions Using a New Approximation Algorithm
Narek Hayrapetyan, Armenia, Border Surveillance using UAV with Thermal Camera

Counter-Terrorism: Session 3

Elisa Shahbazian, Canada, Graph Matching and Intelligence Analysis
Dave Braines, UK, Building Agile Human/Machine Teams with Controlled Natural Language
Kellyn Rein, Germany, Challenges for Effective Data Analysis for Agile CounterTerrorism
Lauro Snidaro, Italy, Reasoning in Relational Models for Security
Liviu-Daniel Galatchi, Romania, Risks of Environmental Terrorism

Cyber-Defence: Session 3

Gevorg Margarov, Armenia, Information Security - Basis of the Education System for Digital Generation Z
Svitlana Grygoruk, Ukraine, Multi-Agent Based Approach of C&C Botnet Localization
Vahan Markarov, Armenia, Cloud based Reconfigurable Steganographic System
Anahit Arshakyan, Armenia, Secure Data Hiding in PDF Files Using Encrypted Secret Message
Vladimir Hovsepyan, Armenia, Secure Real Time Data Transfer on the Cloud
Artak Khemchyan, Armenia, Distributed Data Storing in Cloud Systems based on Error-correcting Codes

Working Group Presentations

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