Advanced Research Workshop 2015
Meeting Security Challenges Through
Data Analytics and Decision Support
Aghveran, Armenia, 1-5 June, 2015

Objectives > NATO ARW

This NATO ARW will serve two main purposes:

(1) to ascertain problems and explore technological solutions using data analytics and decision support (DA-DS) to meet emerging security challenges in three of the NATO priority areas of common interest with Partners countries, namely:

1. Counter-Terrorism,
2. Cyber Defence, and
3. Border and Port Security

(2) to facilitate contact between the specialists in advanced research centres of NATO and Partner countries, specifically Armenia and other former Soviet republics.

In this ARW we will put the emphasis on DA-DS technologies as enablers for addressing security challenges in above three NATO priority areas, all of which are managed through Cyber Physical Social Systems (CPSS) that consist of inhomogeneous, interacting adaptive agents capable of learning: large numbers of groups of people hyperlinked by information channels and interacting with computer systems, and which themselves interact with a variety of physical systems in order to maintain them under conditions of good control.

This ARW will help: